Truly Heal Wellness

What To Expect

Well Hello!

By now you have cycled through my many services and are probably trying to decide what is the best choice for you? Here I want to break it down so it is easily understood how Truly Heal Wellness is much different than many massage studios. 

If you may have some muscle pain, maybe you have been feeling some fatigue lately, or you are coming off of an injury and have done physical therapy and want to know what to do next? I am here to help!

I want you to also experience a quality massage even if you are not in pain, I do offer care plans though they are not required. it is as simple as booking and choosing the service you would like to make an appointment for and BAM! Easy, Peezy!

Initial Evaluation

Education to me is important and I always assess you and talk with you before we even start the treatment. This  is great for anyone who wants to be more aware of their movement, wellness and learn ways to help understand posture and options to improve it. It is also a great opportunity to find out if there may be underlying needs to come to terms with such as concerns of weight loss, exercise and making changes to everyday decisions that may be deterring better health. Another thing I want to do is assess to determine functional flexibility, stability, strength and endurance. A health questionnaire, postural analysis, gait assessment and a functional assessment are a few ways to gain more insight to create a plan to help you to the best of my abilities. No worries this is all included in the price of the treatment.  Upon arrival for your appointment, just have a seat in my awesome lobby and have a look around, I'll come and get you and we can talk more, and then i will get you set up on the vibration plate before the treatment. I think I mentioned this will be like no massage you have ever got!


I have made it super easy to book online from Instagram, Facebook, and here. Here you will simply go to the "Schedule Online" tap at the top of the page and at the bottom left side is a "Book Appointment" button.

1. Once you book online for an appointment, You are able to choose from the services what you would like to book for. 

2. I ask that credit or debit card be on file to hold that appointment and to easily process payment after your visit. Also, you won't have to do give card info again unless anything changes on your end. Please read the cancellation policy as well.

3. Next forms will be sent to the email address you put in when you book the appointment. Please be sure to fill those out. It will include an intake form and reason for your visit.

4. If you are only wanting a quality sports recovery and performance treatment, stretch therapy, a customized medical massage or deep tissue massage it is as simple as clicking on the booking button, filling out the forms so I know what is going on with you and I will be here to greet you on that day!

(It is always a good idea to dress accordingly especially if we will be moving, I recommend comfortable clothing.)


Care Plans

Care plans are designed specifically for clients who need more than just a massage and are always written per individual and their goals/needs. They are created from information gathered during the initial evaluation, then discussed with next steps included. Normally a care plan will be a combination of services such as nutrition coaching, corrective exercise and massage to best suit the client to meet their goals. Next we want to talk about scheduling, appointments will range from once a week to once a month depending on the issues and circumstances we are working with. Of course we want results and to see a difference so tracking progress is a must. The key is sticking with it, being determined and moving forward through obstacles and that's where I come in! I do my best to schedule appointments together due to drive time, gas, events, family, etc. Care plans will include many things to help at home from tips to exercises to advice and sometimes motivation because to succeed we have to be a team!

Many of my clients come to see me for a session of stretch therapy alone and some come for a customized orthopedic/medical massage only, but others have seen me because they have been dealing with a specific issue such as muscle imbalances which have caused trigger points or knots that have lead to limited range of motion. In this case I develop a tailored plan to see me a set amount of times a month for corrective exercise, customized orthopedic/medical massage, stretch therapy and sometimes nutrition coaching depending on the situation. 


Pain and treatment

The first thing I want to know if you're experiencing pain, especially an acute injury is if you have been to see a doctor for it? If an acute injury is present a doctor's referral would be needed to attach to your file in combination with any tests or X-rays which will mitigate any risk of inflicting further damage to unseen injuries.

  • Acute pain usually stems from specific, identifiable causes. (accidents or surgeries) and lasts briefly between 7 and 30 days, according to the American Academy of Pain Medicine. 
  • Chronic pain, on the other hand lasts much longer. (from months to years), and its causes are sometimes less clear cut. This type of pain can originate from disease, like lupus or muscular dystrophy; structural issues such as posture; or environmental factors that could be work related overuse injuries.
  • My goal is to be sure we work together with Doctors, Chiropractors and other caregivers in cases of auto accidents and such to assess and help construct a treatment plan.

Some of the Pain Syndromes I treat:

- Repetitive use injuries

- Migraines

- Auto injuries

- Nerve entrapment

- Post surgical pain syndromes

- Back pain

- Neck pain

- Knee pain

- Sciatica and Piriformis syndrome

- Frozen shoulder

- Thoracic Outlet syndrome

- Carpal and metatarsal tunnel syndrome

- Tendonitis of the elbow

- Iliotibial band friction syndrome

- TMJ dysfunction

- Plantar Fasciitis 


I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose. nor treat serious illness, disease or injuries. Please talk to your doctor or healthcare provider if you have a serious condition. If treatment for a condition mentioned is necessary a referral from your Doctor, Chiropractor or licensed provider is required. And, as such the taxes for the treatment will be waived. If you have HSA/FSA I do take that as a form of payment for massage therapy and stretch session.  

To sum it all up

Self care is important to me. with that being said: with any plan we come up with that best suits your needs I will give clear directions on exercises/homework to do at home so you can meet those goals!

Combining nutritional guidance is detrimental and just to have someone in your corner can make a world of difference when those goals are hard to reach. At Truly Heal Wellness I am here for you every step of the way. 

With personal training in conjunction with massage and a structured stretch program we will be able to restore mobility, increase flexibility, improve posture and strengthen your core. Be sure to check out the services and rates tab to see what else I offer and a break down of each. Keep in mind that you are headed in the right direction.