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Truly Heal Wellness was formed to introduce a new approach to healing. Our original focus was to provide therapeutic Massage, Bodywork, Personal Training, as well as Corrective Exercise and ancillary modalities to bring more meaning to whole mind-body wellness!

We have since grown to also incorporate additional holistic healing modalities to address nervous system regulation, mental & emotional health, nutrition, trauma release, and somatic breathwork to help those we're serving to more fully live their lives, navigate stress more effectively, learn tools for self regulation, show up more fully in their families, relationships, and careers, and overall live more joyful, meaningful, purposeful lives.

When these modalities are combined, they provide a comprehensive and proactive approach to health and overall wellbeing. They work to prevent age-related issues, enhance overall performance, and promote the body's innate ability to heal itself.

"It's like forming your very own Avenger's team, but instead of fighting aliens, they're battling aging and lifestyle diseases."

We integrate all these services with all our clients, but do so on an individual basis after evaluating each person to come up with a plan that best suits their needs. Whether it is a program or a stand alone treatment, we look to enhance your overall physical, mental, emotional health, relieve musculoskeletal pain, restore function and be proactive in preventing potential downstream issues.

Check out the "What to expect" tab to learn more about care plans and navigating what exactly is best for you.


What exactly does it mean to Truly Heal?

corrective exercise

Our massage therapist and bodyworker Conrad will tell you that the beauty of massage and bodywork as a form of therapy is in its ability to affect much more than just physical anatomy; it also provides positive benefits to our emotional and mental states as well. How does massage heal, empower, sharpen and strengthen the mind and body; what ARE the primary reasons people seek out massage therapists on a regular basis?

Beyond pain relief, relief of muscular tension, and addressing muscular imbalances, massage and bodywork have the ability to activate the body’s parasympathetic nerves allowing the entire body relax and enter deeper, more healing and restorative states. You'll find emotional relief in tandem to physical relief. This benefit can also be achieved through meditation, yoga, tai chi, even stretching or deep abdominal breathing. The kneading motions of massage bring physical relief and the combined effect often has the power to soothe the mind by calming the nerves and quieting negative thoughts.

You’ve probably already heard about and likely experienced the healing benefits of massage therapy services. In fact, there’s a huge body of medical research that supports the use of massage therapy for a healthy mind and body. In addition to the “healing” aspect, people often forget about the myriad of ways bodywork therapy can enhance performance for athletes and others who need to stay in top shape to do their jobs. 

Ask Tom, our holistic health practitioner, and he'll tell you it's a reclamation and remembering of our innate wholeness; of who we truly are beyond our stories, beliefs and experiences. It's a release and emptying of all the wounds, pain, and trauma embedded in our bodies and psyche.

There is zero doubt that the process is uncomfortable. It requires courage to enter those parts of ourselves we feel are darkest and most painful. It takes tremendous resilience and love for self to be willing to release suppressed and repressed emotions, which, if left alone, will drive high levels of inflammation and require a great deal of resources from the body to remain trapped inside; resources and energy that the body then no longer can utilize to generate healthy new cells, heal, and recover.

It takes work and a commitment to yourself, your healing, and your growth. Yet on the other side is total liberation, joy, peace, and true physical, mental, emotional wellbeing.

Added to that, developing a flexible and resilient nervous system and greater self awareness, regulating stress, and developing greater emotional intelligence while caring for the physical body, and true health is yours.


The human body is an amazing work of art! It is an intricate network of cells, tissues and organs that have the unbelievable ability to, under the proper circumstances, repair and correct. Given the right balance between diet, exercise, emotional stability and regulated stress, the body can maintain an environment conducive to healing. It’s when our bodies get out of balance that these physiological processes break down and cause problems. 


As Conrad and Tom will both tell you, our task is to help you CREATE and MAINTAIN that environment both internally - physically, nutritionally, mentally and emotionally - and externally, in your life, career, social relationships, and overall lifestyle.


A little history on: Massage Therapy

One of the oldest forms of medicine offered to humankind and even animals for that matter; is the art of Massage Therapy. It dates back 5,000 years to approx. 3,000 B.C.E with forms of massage emerging in India, also Egypt and China around the same time. And, then of course it moved forward with Japan, then Greece and Rome. There was a time, before the more modern medical breakthroughs and the pharmacological industry, that medical doctors were actually trained in Massage Therapy as a method of healing injuries, relieving, pain, and preventing and curing illnesses. Unfortunately, there was a decline in the use of this healing method due to modern medicine. "Pain, especially chronic pain can be difficult to treat. For too long, the first option considered for pain management was a prescription, most commonly for opioids." (Michaele Colizza -  President of the American Massage Therapy Association) Massage and bodywork is becoming well known to be a viable option for helping the body heal itself.


Physiological effects

If we dive into the science of the body and the physiological effects of massage therapy we can begin to uncover why this art of soft tissue manipulation, coupled with many specialized modalities of massage therapy can help the body’s natural functions work better and promote healing. These effects are endless, ranging from what it does on superficial muscle tissue radiating deep down to the cellular elements of the body. Let’s take a for example a common problem experienced by most at some point in time or another, such as muscle tension, tightness, soreness, spastic muscles, etc. The cause could be anything from sleeping in a wrong position, a quick move in the wrong direction, exercising, a structural change of the skeletal system? There are many reasons why our muscles ache. According to researchers at McMaster University in Canada, massage affects the activity of certain genes, directly reducing inflammation in the muscles – this same result could come by taking aspirin or Ibuprofen that increased their ability to recover from exercise. The body, through its own biochemical processes, can produce substances that have more affect on pain and inflammation than most modern pharmaceuticals!


So what does massage do?

Massage focuses on a couple of things. The first and most important is restoring the muscle fibers back to their natural balance. what I am looking for are shortened muscle fibers and through the implementation of certain massage techniques, one being deep tissue strokes, will stretch out the muscle fibers and help them bounce back to their proper state. This all by itself should relieve a great deal of muscle tension and pain. The other component to massage therapy is how it naturally stimulates the body’s own processes for healing and pain management. Massage accomplishes this by reducing the activity of proteins called inflammatory cytokines that cause pain and inflammation while also increasing the proteins that signal the muscles to produce more mitochondria (the cell structures that produce energy and help the muscles recover). Both Swedish and sports massage can help improve overall posture and whole-body flexibility. Some people seek out massage for these reasons alone. Coupled with a regular stretching routine, many find that massage helps keep muscles pain-free and allows for an increase in range of motion. So, lets look at how it can boost the immune system. When the lymph system is in good condition, the human body is able to fight off colds, flu and other sickness more effectively. Massage helps stimulate the flow of fluid within the lymph system, therefore boosts the immune system in most people. People who receive regular massage have noticed fewer colds, illnesses and infections of all kinds.


If you’re looking for a professional, you’ve come to the right place. I offer many ways to get you feeling great. From the weekend runner to the dog walker, from the mechanic to the retiree; We all deserve to walk taller.

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